Toys Fair TMX 2014 @SMESCO Building, Exhibition Hall

Im sorry but this is a late update...
On Saturday 6th december 2014 we gone to Toys Fair TMX at Smesco Building in Jakarta
Its a biggest toys exhibition at the end of this year

Im so excited to be there
I brought Miku to attend it and i think shes sooo happy to be there and met new friends :)
heres the ad :

and heres few pictures of Miku and her friends at the exhibition, enjoy :)

it was really fun, see you guys next year :)

BJD - Tiny Delf Dorothy is here ♡

This is one of my happy day ^^
Finally my Tiny Delf Dorothy from Luts is home

I order her on 25 July. Everyday is full with hope and excitement :)

I order her in real skin white with body blush + 3 different long wig + 1 extra pair hand + 1 clothes + 1 pair shoe

On 19 September she'd been shipped from Korea and arrive at Custom on 21 September

And really its a long wait from custom untill she's here today on 30 September

When i open the box its really a mess the wigs fall down and the box are broken, custom really not take good care of the package *dissapoint and mad

And here she is, her cute little face so innocent and stare at me :)

She came with certificate from Luts ^^

She blow a kiss with her cute little hand :)

Holding to my hand so cuteee expression :)

Wave and say hi :)
i love this wig, its a new wig from Luts and i order this on last minute and  i'm really glad i did
i think its fits her perfectly

she's starring outside...maybe she cant wait to play outside :)

I name her "Miku" 
Cant wait to take her anywhere and took many picture of her
See you on my other post 

Needle Felting

Do you know about "needle felting"
I saw it on one of the tv station and interested to try it :)

Needle felting is more like sculpting i guess
We need special wool and special needle

This is no sew crafts, all you need to do just stab...wait...stab? Yes it is stab...stab...stab LOL

First you can order in supply crafts store to buy the equipment you need

Heres some material that i bought few days ago

You can buy them at

They sell some wool package and many books about this crafts

After a few times seen tutorial on youtube about this needle felting, i decide to make some for practice ^^

For starter i guess is not bad LOL
Still need more practice

This crafting really fun and addicted 
You can make anything just by stabbing

You can buy the tutorial book or watch them in youtube

So...interested to try?
happy crafting :)

Happy Birthday my little princess

Gosh time really flies and im sorry cause i cant make time to write

So many things i've missed

Ok i know its so late...but better than not rite

Start with my daughter birthday ^^

Vicky is turning 3 on 11th July 2014

Birthday Cake Theme is Frozen
Finally decide Frozen since she's really excited sing it "let it go...let it go..." everytime she hear the song lol

And few of goodie bag for her friends
Their mommys love the packaging ^^

She's so happey opened the present 

She got Elsa doll, Olaf doll, dresses, shoes, toys from friends
Vicky said thank you ^^

She's soooo excited to blow the candles
Happy Birthday our dear little princess
May you always filled with happiness
And always have the best in your life

Im really happy and proud to her
Now shes go to playgroup and i cant wait to write about her new school :)
Thanks for reading

Review : Ageha D-Sky Blue

Finally after a long wait and drool LOL
I got my first Ageha D-sky Blue for minus 4 from
And this WORTH to wait !!

And here they are :)
I got many gift thanks to IG @Japansoftlens

I bought Ageha D-sky Blue and Silver
I'll write the silver one next time :)

Ageha D-Sky Blue really have a pretty colour
It has no ring like other softlens
Diameter 15mm
For 6 months
Its very comfortable when you use it
And i think i have more clear vision than other softlens ^^

This softlens cant make your eyes bigger because the diameter is only 15mm, hope they realese bigger one someday :)

And the best part you dont have to use your eye drop !
FYI i wear this lens for 8 hours now and its still comfortable...thats i called amazing :)

Thanks for read and see you in my next review ♡ xoxo ^^

Review : Eyelashes, Eyeliner, Eyebrow Pencil

I just bought a few eyelashes, an eyeliner (cosmos) and an eyebrow pencil (cosmos)
From one of my favourite online shop on Instagram, @vie_andiksu trusted seller and the owner is so kind i highly recommended ^^

The eyelashes

They're so glamour and dramatic eyelashes ^^


The eyelashes makes my eyes look so different. Its really glamour n dramatic eyelashes. 
Personally i love this kind of eyelashes, but for some woman maybe they think its too glamour or too dramatic.
Q88 is so soft and easy to apply i dont need to cut it, maybe i got a big eyes so i dont need to.


This eyelashes my favourite so far ^^
Just like before its easy to apply and soft
I think this one more natural than q88
And i think i can use it for everyday
Not too long but still make your eyes so dramatic and glamour


And this q75 i think this one is gorgeous eyelashes ^^
Soft and easy to apply and again i dont need to cut the eyelashes
I think q75 is also everyday use eyelashes
And i can wear it to the party or any special occassion

Cosmos Eyeliner & Eyebrow Pencil

Both from Cosmos brand. For me its a must to have waterproof Liner and Eyebrow pencil
And these eyeliner and eyebrow pencil is really amazing
I use cosmos eyebrow pencil number 204, chocolate colour
The colour is really pretty and match with my brown hair
Easy to use and you dont have to use a sharpener just pull the strings on the pencil its so simple

Also for the eyeliner omg its so pretty, i have the starwalker colour (silver)
Its so slarkling i love the glitter ^^
This eyeliner is so slim and make you easy to make a liner
And its waterproof ! 
If you want your make up liner long lasting add this to your chart, its really a must have item ^^
Next time i want to have the black one oh i'm so in love with this eyeliner ^^

Last thanks for read my review, hope you enjoy to read it :)

New Make Up Supplies

Yeay finally my package has arrived
I bought some make up supplies from IG : @vie_andiksu
They're eyeliner starwalker, brown eyebrow pencil, and some mix eyelashes
The eyeliner has fab colour and also the eyebrow pencil ^^
I choose some barbie eyelashes and quenn eyelashes
Cant wait to try them on and write about the review ^^

Its my Birthday ^^

A very special day is a birthday

As a mother now i more realize and appreciate what a "birthday" means

We all born innocent, pure, white and have our own destiny

A birthday means we have to remember our mom

And thankfull that we could born safe, being loved, caring, and full of joy

At 00.01 a birthday greetings came from my hubby, then my parents in the morning, and my brother n his wife :)

Then a lots of greetings came from friends and really makes me laugh and edited my pictures (omg my cheek) i love you all my dear member of Little SFS Group thank you :)

Yes i'm officially 33 years old this year, time really flies and getting older every single day