Made it to Grand Final

A call from the SBH redaction really made my day

Yes, Vicky is still in the running to be a cover model for SBH magazine, she made it to Grand Final :)

Really proud of her

We receive the invitation, the Grand Final will be held this Saturday 28th November 2015

Best of luck to you my daughter

Win or loose is not the point, the thing is we already give our best in everything we do, so someday we never regret it :)

Serena Audition

So sorry for my late late late post...

i've been busy to take my daughter for audition

It's an audition for Model Cover Sang Buah Hati Magazine, sponsored by Serena

So every week i took my daughter for her photoshoot

Here's the pictures ^^

16 August 2015 - Mal Living World

This is her very first audition, im so proud of her. She can pose and smiling happily in front of camera. She's really enjoy the photoshoot.

6th September 2015 - Atrium Grand Metropolitan Bekasi

The 2nd audition is really great
She more relax and fun :)

13th September 2015 - Mall Of Indonesia (MOI)

Princess theme LOL we have to go to a wedding invitation after the photoshoot, so Vicky wear a dress
She looks really pretty in her dress

27th September 2015 - Mal Bintaro XChange

Vicky wear a red dress this time :)
her expression and pose is improve a lot
i mean A LOT
she's really talented with posing
she's try all different pose each time the photographer shoot her
im so proud of her

4th October 2015 - Mal Kota Kasablanka

Last audition good luck my little princess ^^
win or not actually is not a must
im really really proud of you :)

4th Birthday

On 11th July 2015 my little princess had her 4th birthday

No party just a birthday cake, but she had so many present from her friends :)

woke up in morning and saw all the gifts

Track Board from her best friend Fay :)

excited to open next gift

Happy face cause had her favourite shoes ^_^

This year birthday cake is ballerine girl
because she start her ballet lesson this year

took a picture before she go to ballet lesson with the cake

Happy Birthday my little princess 
wish you all the laughter, all the joy, all the happiness, and all the best in your life

a small donation activity

This week me and few friends having a small donation to orphanage and nursing home

At first its only a small talk between me and my friend about a donation. Then we planning to make a donation and try to offer few friends to join, suprisingly we have a lot of participant and that make us happy, we do hope this kind of activity will continue each year :)

we're ready to go 

First stop to orphanage
Here we found a lot of kids and teenager
they really friendly greet us, and we took picture together

then we went to nursing home
Here we can found -+300 elder
they dont have family, childrens or granschildrends
Goverment mostly took them from streets
Here they could live with others, and do many activities

Vicky's first Kartini Day

Sorry for my late update :)

On 21 April 2015 we celebrate Kartini Days at my daughter (Vicky) School Pah Tsung.

We're going to have Fashion Show with kebaya

That morning Vicky is so exciting to wear her first kebaya
I order her kebaya from online shop "@silverliningsforkids" on Instagram
I asked about the detail and colour :)
And as the result its so cute and pretty on Vicky ^^

she smile happily when i putn a makeup on her :)

And now shes ready go to school

At school shes look happy because all of her friend wearing traditional dress too

Happy Kartini day to all great Indonesian woman :)