covid 19 / corona hit Indonesia

i still remember how this news about covid 19 started in Wuhan, China
at first i just think its only a common desease
never think it will be this worse
and now it hits Indonesia

when the President announce there were 2 people infected this desease there was a panic shopping in all market

people went out crazy to buying stuff like rice, eggs, sugar, oil, instant noodle, medicine, hand sanitizer, etc

day 2 after the announcement, there are still panic shopping too in traditional market. people queue for food  and medicine

traffic everywhere, and i saw lots of people buying food and medicine in a huge amount

because of this situation, we have difficult to have a face mask, hand sanitizer, medicine
many people took this as an opportunity to have a profit, they sell it with a high price or i can say really high

and because of this situation the goverment announce that we will start to fight covid 19 with self quarantine to stop the spread of this virus

School, office, mal and many other public place like bar / cafe / restaurant etc closed for temporarry for 14 days

i hope we can really stop the spread even i'm not so sure right now because i just look
the number of the people who had this virus already over 200

stay safe everyone !

My dream island, Bali

Can't stop to remembered it
One day i'll live there !

So here's few happiness in Bali

Excited about JUNE

Hello June :)

Keep counting the month and here we are

Planning to go to Bali this 20th June

Really can't wait to be there

Last time  i went there maybe in 2004

It's been 14years ! OMG... how i miss Bali so much...

The beach, the sand, the winds, the atmosphere, the peoples, the market, everything...

Kinda have a wish someday i can live there :)

I wonder how is Bali now, 14 years is really a long time

Maybe i have to saved extra so i can visit Bali every year? 😁

Oh 20th June please come fast

True Friend or Best Friend...?

Just make a note to myself, it's so difficult to have a true friend than a best friend

So many people see themselves too good or perfect as a friend

But in the reality they're not realize they make a mistake

Well maybe they're realize it but not admit it

This friends thingy sometimes really bother me

Why cant we be friends with no agenda

Not because of this or that

Why we cant be friends just like when we're 5 or 6

We're just having fun back then

My first balayage grey hair

After a few months finally i did balayage on my hair at Alui Salon

Balayage is a dye technique with a colour gradation

Its on last sunday 2nd July

I came at 9.45am

And Fina *if im not mistake* greet me and ask me about which colour do i want

And i decided to have a grey colour for base and with a little purple and pink gradation

So first they *Fina and Rika, again if im not mistake* bleached my hair

😂 i think a blond hair 
is not an option for me 😂

I choose Pravana for the grey colour

I heard a lot of good review about this

So its time to dye my hair

I think they're too purple..?
And then they dye my hair again
For the second time

So this is it
My balayage grey hair with purple and pink gradation

Totally in love with my new hair

And cant stop to take selfie 🤣 LOL

Special thanks to Alui Salon
To make me have this stunning hair
I never so in love with my hair like this before

Why so boring if you could spice life a bit..!

Get yours at this very recommended salon

see ya...♡

Liwetan with besties

Because we have the same birthday month in April, me and Yuni decide to invite all of our besties to have Liwetan.

Liwetan means we eat together with friends or family in floor, using a banana leaves as our plates.

This kind of liwetan really famous these days

So here it is our Liwetan Birthday Party with our besties

*saoenk kito - city resort cengkareng

*we are the April Goddess LOL

Thank you our dear besties you made our birthday more fun and memorable :)

A wonderful birthday gift from hubby ♡

For a several months i was interested with DJI Osmo

As someone who cherish every memories, i always catch every moment with photos.

Although the result is not perfect like a famous photographer or like those who learn about photography, i was happy with it and really happy if  i can learn about photography

Lately DJI Osmo launch their new version called DJI Osmo+

And today on my birthday i got my DJI Osmo+

Here is the pictures of my DJI Osmo+

I'm so excited and can't wait to make a video or take a picture with this

Thanks hubby ♡