Morning Sunshine

Good Morniiing

Wake up this morning and take some pictures of me and my daughter
She almost 3 and lately she's always sleep near me

Even i move her to her bed, she will kept searching for me and sleep next to me LOL

I love you my little princess 

New Glasses

Actually had a couple weeks ago i bought these glasses, only this time i had time to write the review.

I bought 2 pieces of glasses, one for spare cause last time i just had 1 and then "accident" happened its broke and i got difficulties to see without my glasses

This time i choose brown and white colour
White..? Yes...i always wondered how do i look with white glasses. 
Hmm...what do you think?

I think i prefer the brown one LOL
So i use the brown glasses for everyday wear

Instagram Attack

OMG this has been 2 days since instagram block some accounts for spamming
Now every time i want to post, i have "that" feeling
Hope its not my turn hope its not my turn.....LOL
The effect is certainly very unpleasant for many online shop on Instagram...and me
Its not like i am a spammer, well i never sale anything in others account (in comment)
I wish this not continue for a long time
Do you have the same feeling like me..?