Retouch my eyebrow please

Hi all...
Finally i have a time to write
Its really busy lately

So... last february (23rd february) i had a brow embroidery at Browspecialist.
Im sooo... beyond thrilled ^^
Michie is really talented, many good response and compliment about my eyebrow :)

And on 17th June i had my first brow embroidery retouch. I went there with my friend and her son.

This time i dont really feel nervous, maybe its because that was my second time there :)

When we came, just like before first they give my eyebrow anesthesia
I took some picture there :)

Ohh.. and i took 1 picture, the first time i went to Browspecialist studio i forgot to do it
Its a really cute duck LOL

I hope Michie forgive me because i took a few pictures  :)
Browspecialist studio is really cozy and has a lot cute stuff  ^^

And... finally Michie do retouch on my brows
Michie show me the needle and its sealed :)
Then she start the retouch

*FYI if you do the retouch it will be a little bit hurt *just a little bit
Michie told me and ask me repeatedly, about the pain
I guess shes worried if im hurt badly  :)
*shes really a caring person

This time i spoke a lot with Michie
And after she told me her thought, i agree with her in so many ways  :)

For me, Michie is a talented artist, shes caring to her customer, her work is amazing
You should check on my newest brows after peel off  :)

*after peel off, ignore my sleepy face >.<

Im so beyond satisfied and thankful to Michie
See you again Michie, and best of luck for Browspecialist  :)

You are one of a kind Michie ♡
♡ Thanks Browspecialist ♡
For making my eyebrow FABULOUS  :)

If you want do a browembroidery,
Check this out
Instagram : @browspecialist