Needle Felting

Do you know about "needle felting"
I saw it on one of the tv station and interested to try it :)

Needle felting is more like sculpting i guess
We need special wool and special needle

This is no sew crafts, all you need to do just stab...wait...stab? Yes it is stab...stab...stab LOL

First you can order in supply crafts store to buy the equipment you need

Heres some material that i bought few days ago

You can buy them at

They sell some wool package and many books about this crafts

After a few times seen tutorial on youtube about this needle felting, i decide to make some for practice ^^

For starter i guess is not bad LOL
Still need more practice

This crafting really fun and addicted 
You can make anything just by stabbing

You can buy the tutorial book or watch them in youtube

So...interested to try?
happy crafting :)

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