On Mother & Baby Magazine

Suprise and happy !
The magazine editor contact me by email and told me that my writing will be publish on their magazine
This is a perfect gift to my daughter cause her birth story is on magazine :D
Thanks a lot to Mother & Baby Magazine ^^


Oh my Gosh this is it my other dream doll ^^
Need so much weeks wait for him arrive at home 
Really happy to have him now
i named him Aiden
He is sooooo **** Handsome :D

Kurhndoll From China
Shes so pretty and i named her Cherrie

My Collections

I love dolls, since i was a kid. 
I love the doll in human form because i think they have a soul and character 
some people might say the human-shaped doll scary but for me they are very pretty and unique 
if you take one of my photos or more, please include my watermark 

*enjoy my collections*

This is Blythe Doll

My first dream doll is Blythe, she is so pretty. I named her Kylie.
Kylie came to me and make my days so bright.
She has 4 different eye colour and we can change it very easy just pull the string in her back

Sonny Angel

Cute little angel and bring you happiness ^^
they are so adorable isnt it?

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