My First Eyebrow Embroidery

After a few months finally i've decided to do an eyebrow embroidery at Brow Specialist (instagram @browspecialist)

On 23rd February i went there with my friend. We both lucky cause one of Michie (the owner of browspecialist) client reschedule the treatment so we can have the date to do brow embroidery.

Nervous !
Yep... thats what i feel >.<
Well.. to have a brow embroidery is my dream cause i have a very thin brow  :(
And im not good enough to draw with brow pencil

So this is it...

That day we came , me, my daughter and my friend.
I already prepare some toys and snacks for Vicky so she can keep busy and happy 

Michie assistant took us from lobby to her studio.
The browspecialist studio is very warm, cozy, and have a girly design
So many little plants, pictures, cute decorations, etc
Theres a nice cozy sofa, carpet, etc

First step the assistant put some anesthesia on my brows
Then we have to wait about 15 to 20minutes i guess
*ignore my nervous face*

After they put the anesthesia, they wrap it with plastic

Then Michie called me and ask me what kind of eyebrow do i like
I told her i need a little thick brow 
She draw a sample on my brow with brow pencil and ask me do i like the sample
And she inform me, i have a different bone somewhere near my eyebrow, but she told me she'll try to fix it and make it look similiar
I also inform her i want to have a brown colour

So... here we go!
I lay down on the bed, Michie is ready with her tools
Gosh im totally nervous!

Michie told me and showed me that she use a new needle and sealed
At first i was suprised because i can feel the needle scratch my eyebrow its not hurt so bad because i have the anesthesia but i still can feel the needle moving

Finally Michie is done and she put a brown ink to my eyebrow and i have to wait about 30minutes or 45minutes i guess *im not check the minutes exactly, im busy taking picture lol

*ikr...please ignore this sinchan eyebrow*

Well after a while, my friends also finish with her brows

The assistant inform me about treatment after brow embroidery, avoid the eyebrow from water, dont scratch even its itchy
And the ink will peel off within 7days
And then you can wash your face normally

And now its time to see the result ^.^

My new eyebrow ^_^

*close up look*

Its not complete without before - after picture right :D

and this is my eyebrow after peel off

Yey i have a thick eyebrow ^_^
its very neat, soft, Michie is really talented and i'm so glad i made a right decision to have an eyebrow embroidery at browspecialist
Now i cant stop to take a selfie :)

So what do you think...?

if you need an eyebrow embroidery
check this out :

instagram : @browspecialist
you'll know why when you see Michie's masterpiece ^_^