Review : Ageha D-Sky Blue

Finally after a long wait and drool LOL
I got my first Ageha D-sky Blue for minus 4 from
And this WORTH to wait !!

And here they are :)
I got many gift thanks to IG @Japansoftlens

I bought Ageha D-sky Blue and Silver
I'll write the silver one next time :)

Ageha D-Sky Blue really have a pretty colour
It has no ring like other softlens
Diameter 15mm
For 6 months
Its very comfortable when you use it
And i think i have more clear vision than other softlens ^^

This softlens cant make your eyes bigger because the diameter is only 15mm, hope they realese bigger one someday :)

And the best part you dont have to use your eye drop !
FYI i wear this lens for 8 hours now and its still comfortable...thats i called amazing :)

Thanks for read and see you in my next review ♡ xoxo ^^

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