covid 19 / corona hit Indonesia

i still remember how this news about covid 19 started in Wuhan, China
at first i just think its only a common desease
never think it will be this worse
and now it hits Indonesia

when the President announce there were 2 people infected this desease there was a panic shopping in all market

people went out crazy to buying stuff like rice, eggs, sugar, oil, instant noodle, medicine, hand sanitizer, etc

day 2 after the announcement, there are still panic shopping too in traditional market. people queue for food  and medicine

traffic everywhere, and i saw lots of people buying food and medicine in a huge amount

because of this situation, we have difficult to have a face mask, hand sanitizer, medicine
many people took this as an opportunity to have a profit, they sell it with a high price or i can say really high

and because of this situation the goverment announce that we will start to fight covid 19 with self quarantine to stop the spread of this virus

School, office, mal and many other public place like bar / cafe / restaurant etc closed for temporarry for 14 days

i hope we can really stop the spread even i'm not so sure right now because i just look
the number of the people who had this virus already over 200

stay safe everyone !