My first balayage grey hair

After a few months finally i did balayage on my hair at Alui Salon

Balayage is a dye technique with a colour gradation

Its on last sunday 2nd July

I came at 9.45am

And Fina *if im not mistake* greet me and ask me about which colour do i want

And i decided to have a grey colour for base and with a little purple and pink gradation

So first they *Fina and Rika, again if im not mistake* bleached my hair

😂 i think a blond hair 
is not an option for me 😂

I choose Pravana for the grey colour

I heard a lot of good review about this

So its time to dye my hair

I think they're too purple..?
And then they dye my hair again
For the second time

So this is it
My balayage grey hair with purple and pink gradation

Totally in love with my new hair

And cant stop to take selfie 🤣 LOL

Special thanks to Alui Salon
To make me have this stunning hair
I never so in love with my hair like this before

Why so boring if you could spice life a bit..!

Get yours at this very recommended salon

see ya...♡

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