Mayo Diet Clinic Review

Have you ever heard of the Mayo Clinic Diet ?
Well I followed for 13 days and i'm proud to myself and realize i could do it !
Mayo Clinic Diet briefly is the diet without eating rice , salt , sugar , and various seasonings added and without drinking cold water from the fridge
When you imagine it must be very scary and you start to think its impossible

Many ways i try to reduce my weight 
Ranging from drugs 
Reduce food portions 
Until finally I found Blekrosdiet and succeed!

I know this diet through Instagram , and that's where I find @Blekrosdiet Seeing the variety of food in their Instagram enough to make me wonder how its possible to keep eat meat , chicken , eggs while you're on diet..?
Yes you can still eat meat , chicken , eggs also 
Even for lunch I consumed two eggs at once with potatoes !

Every day I took a picture of my food, not all just a few that I think the picture is good
Hopefully by writing this and look back at photos of the food i've ever eaten made ​​me realize that we can live a healthy life even though sometimes it is a lot of temptation LOL

For me Mayo Clinic Diet program in Blekrosdiet is very nice clean , timely delivery , and the owner Mrs. Vita is very friendly
And you know the mother of the owner who makes the magic in this diet , she is the chef !

For those of you who are struggling to lose weight or want to change your lifestyle to be more healthy i highly recommended contact @blekrosdiet via Instagram

They recently made a website check it out

Finally, thank you Blekrosdiet :)

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