another my Dream Come True doll ^^

First let me tell you about this bjd - carrot from dollsbe
you can check the website on :

Mr YG is a Korean BJD Sculptor, he's a humble, nice, and thoughtfull person ^^

Im so in love with his work on BJD especially Carrot.
Carrot was released in February 2014
And i always dream to have her ;)

So i've sent an email to YG and got a kind response. First impression is so humble :)
I've read about YG through forum everyone loves him ^^
And me too !!!  :)

I ordered carrot on 12 March
Delivered on 6 April
Arrived at home 10 April

its really fast delivery
i thought it would take few more days to come or maybe on my birthday 16 April
carrot is my early birthday present ^^

When i do the opening box its really fun and exciting
YG gave me 2 free gift ^^

I try to change the hand parts and its work
YG is right it so easy ^^
another great thing about dollsbe bjd is the eye
we can move it to left and right so easily
last but not least is the sneakers love it love it love it !

So here is my carrot, i name her "Angel"

I love the make up its so soft, light, and shimmery  ^^

And here's my two girls :)

see you next time, i'll take a few pictures of them  :)

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