My First Eyelashes Extension

On 24th December me and my friend got an eyelashes extension for free at @joannestudio.jkt

Yes we become their model

We made an appointment at 9.30AM

Heres my before pictures

i never done an eyelashes extention before
So this is kind of new experience to me

So we came around 9.15
They ask us to wait in the waiting room

Then at 9.45 i guess, they ask us to go in the 3rd floor

They already prepared the equipment
*sorry i cant take the picture there

Before they're doing the extension
They ask me what kind of extension do i want

I choose the medium lashes

And the eyelashes extention begin

First they cover my lower eyes
I think its to prevent my eyes from the glue and make them easier to do the eyelashes extension

So during the process i cant open my eyes and thats why i dont have a few pictures to share 

After wait around 3 hours maybe
Finally its done

And heres the result ^^

Its really pretty eyelashes ^^

And this is on day 3

I love the result
Its light, not too long, perfect for everyday look
And the best part is every morning you'll wake up pretty LOL

I think eyelashes extension is perfect for everyone who need a perfect lashes everyday without need a long time to do eye makeup anytime 

This eyelashes last up for around 3 weeks
And they need special care
Do not be exposed to water for 24 hour

So if you interested with eyelashes extension

Contact them at

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